Episode 85: Monica Klausner & Leaving This Place A Better Place

“Let us help you eat better, eat healthier food, eat more plants… and while you’re doing that your body is much better off and you’re probably going to lose weight… and the environment is benefiting.”

-Monica Klaus


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast I sit down with the amazing Monica Klausner. Monica is the co-founder of the super successful plant-based meal delivery company Veestro. We talk about how Veestro was formed from a desire to eat the way Monica and her brother Mark grew up eating in Costa Rica, the importance of making plant-based food approachable to everyone, the challenges of raising money and educating consumers on plant-based, what separates Veestro from other food delivery companies, her favorite customer stories and the impact Veestro has in their lives, her big future plans, what drives her and more. Monica is a super woman - entrepreneur, Mom, and on a mission to make a difference in other's lives.