Speaking Engagements

Serial entrepreneur, international health coach, acclaimed author, popular podcast host, and plant based advocate, Pat McAuley is also a sought-after speaker.  He combines both his personal experience with education to give people a powerful new perspective on health.

Speaking Topics

Pat's Story & A Different Perspective On Health & Wellness (All Ages)
In a world crippled by obesity, heart disease, cancer, and countless other diseases, everyone seems confused on how to achieve and maintain their health.  Do I eat low carb?  High protein?  Paleo?  Atkins?  Should I be doing high intensity training?  Will pilates help me lose weight?  Should I take supplements?  We're flooded with so much information that no one really knows what to do to keep weight off and prevent disease.  Would it surprise you if ALL of the real science around health pointed in one very clear direction?  What if the answer was so simple and so straight forward that anyone can do it?... It is.

Eat Green Make Green & Business Nutrition (Executives, Entrepreneurs, High Performers)
There's so much information about eating and training in regard to physical performance, but what about mental performance?  What should you be eating and doing every day to perform at your best in your career?  You may have some level of success already, but what are you leaving on the table?  How good could you become?

Athletes & Rethinking Nutrition (Middle School, High School, College Athletes)
"You need one gram of protein per pound of body weight."  "You need a 2 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein."  "You need to consume 30 grams of protein within 1 hour after your workout."  Blah, blah, blah... As athletes, we're constantly told about our need for protein to build muscle, increase strength, and perform at our best.  But what if that protein was feeding disease within our bodies?  What if it was causing injury?  What if that protein was actually hindering performance?

Pat will craft a special talk specifically catered to your audience.


Please send speaking inquiries to pat@eatgreenmakegreen.com or visit the contact page.


Pat’s Recent TEDx Talk at Babson College