Episode 86: Sarah Lea & Connecting With Our Innate Self

“If you consider us to be energy and we’re vibrating with everything around us… how can we expect to vibrate and connect with living things outside of us if we’re consuming dead matter.”

-Sarah Lea


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast I sit down with the spectacular Sarah Lea. Sarah is a Los Angeles based model, vegan activist, and animal whisperer. We talk about Sarah's life growing up around animals in South Africa and the innate connection she had with them, what brought her to the US, how she became an animal communicator, some of the experiences she's had communicating with animals, the shift that takes place when you remove animal products from your diet, the health benefits she experienced since going vegan, her Instagram approach to activism, her conservation efforts in South Africa, and why she struggles just like everyone else does. Sarah is such a cool person and an amazing testament to vegan living.