Episode 84: Darbi Gwynn & The Search For Betterment

“Every moment is precious. I’m keenly aware of getting older and my mortality… why would I want to waste any minute checked out when I can check in?… Why would I live in fear when life is so short?”

-Darbi Gwynn


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast I sit down with the stupendous Darbi Gwynn. Darbi is a Los Angeles based actress, stunt woman, model, and vegan and sober lifestyle advocate. We talk about how Darbi was exposed to health at a young age, how she was also exposed to drugs and alcohol at a young age, how she found herself as a homeless teenager, how sobriety and being of service lead her to veganism, why seeking validation can be abusive, the dire state of the world's oceans, why plastic straws are not the problem but eating animals is, how we are currently in the 6th mass extinction, her experience at vigils outside of slaughterhouses, why she is keenly aware of her mortality and wants to be checked in for every moment she has, and so much more. Stop what you're doing and listen to this (especially if you’re not up to speed on the current state of the planet we live on)! Darbi is such a special person and is truly living a life of service.


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