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It All Starts with Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is the root cause of almost all the diseases we face today?  Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimers, and countless others all start with inflammation!

Inflammation is an immune response to a physical threat.  Most of us think of inflammation as what we physically see when we bruise our shin, sprain an ankle, or scrape our knee.  This is known as acute inflammation, and our bodies are quickly able to heal it.  What most of us don't know is that inflammation is happening inside our bodies every day and, for most people, it's happening at a chronic level.

So what causes inflammation and where does it start?  Inflammation starts in our guts and is caused by the foods we eat!  Additionally, it can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, and lack of movement.  So, our lifestyles determine if inflammation occurs or not.  Thus, the lifestyles we choose to lead dictate whether or not we develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or any of the leading causes of death today.  It's not our genes, it's not our family history, it's what we choose to eat and do on a daily basis.    

Did you know that a single meal consisting of animal fat increases inflammation instantly?  In fact, within only hours, our arteries ability to open normally is cut in half!  And then, just as inflammation starts to decrease, we eat another meal consisting of animal products and inflammation occurs again.  Most Americans live in a chronic state of inflammation.

How can we avoid inflammation from taking place?  It's actually quite simple: eat a whole food plant-based diet (avoid meat & dairy), move or exercise daily, and try to eliminate stress as much as possible.  Do these things and you'll kick inflammation, lose weight, & live long!

Eat plants. Move. Breath. 


Are you ready to finally heal inflammation, effortlessly lose weight, and achieve the body and health you deserve?

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