Episode 22: Dave O'Brien & Anyone Can Do It

"I was a roofer for 25 years... I was an unconscious meat eater and drinker... if I can do it, anyone can do it."

-Dave O'Brien


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with local wellness entrepreneur Dave O'Brien.  Over the past few months I've had numerous people suggest that I should get Dave on the podcast.  Through a mutual connection we were able to make it happen, and I'm so thankful that we did.  Dave is the founder of a local chain of juice bars/ wellness centers called The Green Light and also the founder of Dave's Raw Foods.  13 years ago, Dave was an unhealthy meat-eating booze-drinking roofer.  But after watching his father die of cancer, Dave had a health epiphany that has shaped the course of his life since.  A long-time vegan, at 52 years old, Dave is now a shining example of the power of a plant-based diet.  He's in incredible shape, he's mentally sharp, and his energy is infectious.  You can't help but want to push yourself to be healthier when you're around Dave.  We talk about everything from his personal health journey, to problems in our health care system, to cancer, and much more.  I cannot say enough positive things about Dave and his outlook on life and his passion for helping others.


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Show Notes

Plant Fit Summit Sign Up:  http://bit.ly/egmgsummit

Dave's Raw Food Website:  https://davesrawfood.com/

Dave's Stores, The Green Light:  http://bethegreenlight.com/

Mentioned in the podcast, The China Study:  https://www.amazon.com/China-Study-Comprehensive-Nutrition-Implications/dp/1932100660


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