Episode 23: Josué Joseph & Connecting With Yourself

"When you're not eating the right things, you're not going to be connected with the earth and you're not going to be connected with yourself."

-Josué Joseph

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On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with the inspiring Josué Joseph.  Originally from Haiti, Josué (JJ for short) now lives in the Boston area and has developed a following on social media through being open and honest about his journey in life.  Specifically, Josué shares how he went from a junk food-eating unhappy guy to a raw vegan who feels he has finally found his place in the universe.  We talk about why JJ became vegan, what a raw vegan diet has done for his physical and spiritual health, why being selfish is not always a bad thing, and why eating high vibrational foods like fruit is the key to truly connecting to yourself.  When I first met JJ he gave me one of the realest hugs I've ever received. He's an amazing guy and his message of embodying and spreading love in a modern world that needs it is just awesome.


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