Episode 101: Pat + Vedge Talk & Everyone Should Know

“A part of me is so thankful and the other part of me is like why don’t my parents know this? Why doesn’t my family know this?… They don’t have to choose this route, but everyone should have the information.”

Pat McAuley


On this week’s episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I’m sharing an episode I did on my good friend Matt Davey’s podcast The Vedge Talk Podcast. This was recorded quite a while ago and was the first episode of Matt’s show, which now has over 50 episodes with all kinds of amazing guests in the plant-based world. Both Matt and his fiance Ana Alarcon have been previous guests on my show (check out episodes 18 and 65). This is primarily about my journey and I think is one of the better episodes I’ve done on other shows, because Matt is a very gifted interviewer. Be sure to give Matt and Vedge Talk a follow and listen!