Episode 95: Andris Lagsdin & Confidence Through Wellness

“I had a 4 year old and when he was old enough to ask what I did all I could say was ‘I go to work.’ Something was missing… I really started believing in myself with the yoga and getting fit and then it just kind of happened.”

-Andris Lagsdin- Entrepreneur, Founder of Baking Steel


On this week’s episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with the amazing Andris Lagsdin. Andris is the founder of Baking Steel, a Boston based company that makes what is widely considered the best consumer cooking surface on the market. How do you make that high heat commercial grade Neapolitan pizza at home? Baking Steel… We talk about Andris’s background in the restaurant industry working with the likes of Todd English, his many years at his family steel plant, how a series of books sparked his idea for Baking Steel, how he was able to apply the resources of his family business to his passion for food, how he chose to pursue Baking Steel despite the doubts of others, how focusing on his health and wellness (specifically dropping booze, eating plants, exercise, meditation) has helped give him the confidence to pursue his dreams, the importance of social media, and so much more. Andris is such a great dude and it makes me smile when I meet someone who truly loves what they do everyday. Also, Baking Steel is an insane product! As a pizza snob, I assure you it is worth every penny.