Episode 90: Megan Sadd & Letting It Happen

“When you’re trying too hard, you’re seeking. When you’re seeking, you can’t find… if you stop seeking and pause, then you’re in receiving mode… and you can be divinely guided.”

-Megan Sadd - Author, Photographer, Producer


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast I sit down with the one and only Megan Sadd. Megan is an author, photographer, tv producer, influencer (over 22 million video views!), and just released her new cookbook called 30 Minute Vegan Dinners. We talk about Megan's journey from tv production to starting her wildly popular platform Carrots and Flowers, her past struggles with eating and how veganism has helped her, raising a child vegan, the power of meditation and law of attraction, the magical things that occur at Burning Man, all about her new book 30 Minute Vegan Dinners, how she has gone about pursuing her passion and creating freedom, the power of letting go, how she has overcome depression and self harm, meeting Snoop Dogg, and all kinds of great stuff!

Megan’s Book!…