Episode 91: Dr. Elena Monarch & Mind Body Connection

"You want to think of the body and the brain as being all connected. The body is an extension of the brain. You don’t have to be stuck with psychiatric illnesses for the rest of your life. There are other ways out."

-Dr. Elena Monarch, Neuropsychologist


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast I sit down with Dr. Elena Monarch. Dr. Elena Monarch is a world renowned Neuropsychologist that is doing truly cutting edge work in the area of identifying and effectively treating PANS/PANDAS, lyme and other tick-borne diseases, and other inflammatory health conditions affecting the brain. Dr. Elena owns and operates the LYME & PANS Treatment Center in Cohasset MA, where she treats patients in a holistic manner. We talk about Dr. Elena's background and path to opening the center, the groundbreaking discoveries she's made throughout her career in identifying the physical causes of many psychiatric conditions, the shift happening with our blood brain barrier, the role inflammation plays and causes of inflammation in the body, the mind body connection, the impact of diet on inflammation, the connection between the gut and the brain, a holistic approach to healing, and so so much more! This episode is a must listen if you have children/teens that may be struggling with a persistent unusual condition, especially as we head into tick season here in New England. I am blown away by the work Dr. Elena is doing and there is a wealth of information in this episode. Please do listen and share!


Show Notes

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