Episode 102: Michael Harris & Falling Up

“Never give up and always surrender… lay down the weapons and await further instructions. We will be given the answers if we allow the answers to come in.”

-Michael Harris, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker


On this week’s episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with the amazing Michael Harris. Michael is an entrepreneur, best selling author, speaker, lifestyle coach, and yoga master. He is the author of the incredible and popular book Falling Down Getting Up: A Story of Overcoming Life to Live and host of the Falling Up Radio Podcast. We talk about Michael’s near death experience after a water skiing accident at 12 years old, his struggles with alcohol and drugs in the years that followed, how he was told at 26 that both his legs needed to be amputated and had months to live, how he refused to lose his legs and chose to go to the Pritikin Longevity Center instead, how he was walking miles pain-free weeks later and took his health back through plant-based eating, how he has since become a wellness advocate and leader in the bikram yoga world, what he recommends for those struggling with addictions of any kind, why we can’t do everything on our own, the mind body connection, and why falling down is normal. This is an outstanding conversation with so many lessons from Michael. Such a powerful life story and message!

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 9.01.57 PM.png

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