Episode 72: Matt McClune & The Power of Perception

“There’s a value in perception in life… being able to flip the script on something… to take something that was detrimental and say there’s some way to flip this around and make it a positive.”

-Matt McClune


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast I sit down with one of the most inspirational people I've had the pleasure of being friends with over the years. Matt is a local strength and conditioning coach and was my trainer all through my football days. I've always admired Matt's incredible mindset and work ethic, and his example has shaped the way I think and act in many areas of my life. Although he shrugs it off as nothing special, Matt applied that mindset and work ethic to recovering from an event that 99.9% of people simply would not have come back from. We talk all about his journey, we talk about the power of perception, the power of taking one step at a time, we talk nutrition, and so much more. I have little words to describe how powerful this episode... Matt is an absolute beast. Get your notebooks out, enjoy, and share.

Even almost 10 years later, any time I get together with Matt and his brother Mitch we all kick each other’s asses in the gym… the result was me doing sweat angels on his gym floor.


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Show Notes

Matt’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/m_mcclune33/


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