Episode 70: Tobi + Luke & Plant Fit

"There's so many that take their family history as the reason or the excuse... but that's not how it works... the control we have over our body is much more than we thought possible."

-Toby Weihofen

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On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with the guys behind the amazing Plant Fit Summit, Tobi Weihofen and Luke Tan. Plant Fit Summit is a ten day online summit (9/1 - 9/10) where Tobi and Luke interview leading experts, doctors, athletes, and other inspirational people about how to reclaim your health, get fit, and energize your body. The list of guests on the summit this year is incredible! In this episode we talk all about what Tobi and Luke have learned from interviewing so many of the world's leading experts on health and wellness. This is basically the cliff notes to leading a long, healthy, and happy life... hint: the best place to begin is to start eating more plants!

Plant Fit Summit 2018:  



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