Episode 55: Eileen Shaw & The God Within

"Our body is incredible and it sends us all kinds of signals, if we would just listen... but you have to take a pause, take a few breaths, and listen."

-Eileen Shaw


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with the amazing Eileen Shaw. Eileen is a pioneer and innovator in the meditation space and has been practicing and teaching since the 1970's, way before it was cool or accepted like it is today. We talk about Eileen's journey from growing up in Quincy, MA to how she got into meditation, the different forms of meditation, what her daily practice looks like, the positive and negative power of our thoughts, how technology is impacting our thoughts and behaviors, how meditation is part of every religion, how meditation impacts the empathy portion of the brain, how going vegan has impacted her physical health, the lack of true human connection in today's society, the power of a hug, and much much more. Eileen is such an impressive and beautiful person, and her dedication to impacting lives through her work really shines through. This is a very deep chat with loads of information from a true expert in meditation.


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Show Notes

Healing Tree Yoga:  http://www.healingtreeyoga.com/ 

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