Episode 52: Richard Crowley & Embracing The Journey

"I would have never found meditation, would have never found a way to take care of my mental health, would have never found a way to take care of my body without eating this way.  It (food) is the gateway."

-Richard Crowley


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast I sit down with the ONE and ONLY Richard Crowley.  Richie is a good buddy of mine with a very unique life story.  We talk about how at 16 years old he upped and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to live and play for the US National Hockey Team and pursue a path to the NHL, how he played hockey overseas in both France and Italy, his many impulse trips and hostel hopping in places like India, how his best season came after an off-season of a plant-based diet and bodyweight exercises, why the biggest benefit of a plant-based diet is in the mind, how his life was rocked when hockey ended, how food is the ultimate reset button, why he's dropped his party filled lifestyle and has embraced a sober one, why he hates the question "what do you do for work?", and much much more.  Richie is one of the most interesting and energizing people I've ever been around and I'm very fortunate to call him a friend.  You may want to buckle up for this one...


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Show Notes

Richie's Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/rickieticklez/

Rich Roll Podcast:  http://www.richroll.com/


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