Episode 46: Val Walker & Feeling More Alive

"I like doing things that make me feel more alive, and this (a vegan lifestyle) is one of them, for sure."

-Val Walker


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green I sit down with local personal trainer and powerlifter Val Walker.  I recently connected with Val on Instagram and it's not every day that you meet a female vegan powerlifter, so I had to hear her story.  We talk about how Val changed her life path after her mother died of breast cancer, how a book called Skinny Bitch opened her up to veganism, what changes she's experienced after adopting a plant-based diet, how her relationship with food has changed, the social pressures around eating and how she approaches that, how she got into powerlifting, why she practices vipassana meditation, why you can be both compassionate and a badass, and why a vegan lifestyle makes you feel more alive. Val is awesome and, indeed, quite a badass!


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