Episode 75: Greg Soutiea & Pushing Your Limits

“You can’t be an environmentalist and still eat meat… we put solar panels on our house, I drive an electric car… but none of these add up to anywhere near the energy reduction if you just stop eating meat.”

-Greg Soutiea


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with the amazing Greg Soutiea. Greg is a Quincy based ironman triathlete, ultra endurance runner, environmentalist, and soon to be hospitality entrepreneur. We talk about Greg's journey from growing up in the Midwest in a hunting/fishing family and quitting his high school track team to becoming a world class triathlete and ultra runner, why he went vegan, his quest to represent the US on the national distance team, and much more. Greg is simply a beast. This dude has run 143 miles in 24 hours (about a 10 min/mile pace) on a track! Savage.


Show Notes

Greg’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gsoutiea/

Greg’s Website: http://www.soutiearuns.com/

Greg’s Coaching Website: https://www.atyourpacecoaching.com/


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