Episode 43: Avi Jacob & Empowering The People

"It's up to everybody to empower the people that this world is trying to take the power away from."

-Avi Jacob


On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with the extremely talented Avi Jacob.  Avi is an incredible musician originally from the Providence, RI area.  We talk about how Avi battled Crohn's disease for years until a diet change finally cured him, what led him to adopting a vegan lifestyle and how he hasn't been to a hospital since, how he approaches raising his kid when it comes to food, why he's just a regular working-class dad despite the fact he very much fits the "vegan" stereotype, the difficulty of getting widely known as an artist, how he literally just wakes up with songs in his head, his new album coming out in March, and why being vegan is empowering.  Avi is a super cool dude and his music is outstanding!  Keep an eye out for him, he's destined for the big stage.


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