Episode 10: Muhammad Ryza & A Compassionate Life

"I want to try and lead a more compassionate life... towards the environment, towards health, towards the animals... and towards people."

-Muhammad Ryza

On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with Singaporean native Muhammad Ryza. Ryza is the third guest in a string of episodes done during my time in the fabulous country of Singapore. Ryza, along with his mother Nora, is the creator of the popular Instagram account @theveganmumnson, which is a fabulous destination for those seeking simple home cooked vegan recipes. Ryza and Nora have also teamed up to form a local online vegan bakery business called The Vegan Bakes n Makes, where you can order on demand vegan sweets, like black bean cocoa brownies and coconut lemon frosted carrot cake. My mouth is watering... We talk about Ryza's journey growing up as an overweight kid, how every Singaporean male must serve in the military once they reach the age of 18, what triggered his switch to veganism, how you absolutely don't need dairy products to make outstanding baked goods, and what it's like being vegan in the Muslim faith. Ryza is really an amazing guy and him and his mother are an extraordinary example of how the whole family can benefit from and be brought closer through a plant based lifestyle.


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Show Notes

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Films & resources mentioned by Ryza about veganism:





Resource for videos on all health topics, based on the REAL science!  I believe this is the best educational resource for all health questions.


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