Episode 3: Carly Comins & Leading By Example

"I've never felt healthier, more energy, more happy... I think leading through example and showing how vibrant and healthy and happy you can be through this plant-based lifestyle is really powerful."

-Carly Comins


In this week's episode I sit down with the marvelous Carly Comins.  Carly has spent the past 5 years or so traveling the world doing various types of research on AIDS in developing countries.  She's been everywhere from Africa to Bangladesh to Haiti and other parts of the caribbean and everywhere in between.  We talk about what sparked her desire to travel, how she got into AIDS research, what it's like traveling alone as a woman, why she's chosen to live plant-based, and how we as Americans can set the example for the developing world in terms of what it means to be healthy.  In doing so, we can hopefully save those nations from also becoming a nation plagued with obesity, heart disease, cancers and so much more.  Carly is a shining example of what a plant-based diet can do for your health and well-being.  She is literally always smiling, always happy, and is a true inspiration to those, especially women, interested in travel and veganism.  


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Show Notes

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