Episode 6: Dan Stackhouse & The Big Picture


"Whatever I do in my life... it's never going to be 100% fulfilling to me unless I'm doing it for the big picture."

-Dan Stackhouse

On this week's episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with the very talented Dan Stackhouse.  I was fortunate to link up with Dan through a local vegan group of millennials in the Boston area, and he welcomed me into his home without hesitation to have this conversation.  This is one of the more in depth conversations around veganism that I've had on the podcast.  We cover everything from health, to the environment, to animals, to protein, and what it really means to be humane.  Dan's knowledge on the topics we cover is very impressive and his passion for having a bigger impact in the world is very evident and inspiring.  Not only is Dan a great dude, but he also shreds the oboe and is a part of the Boston based band Junco.


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