Episode 4: Chris Reale & Restructuring Life

"I can't imagine doing it (transforming my life) without a really disciplined approach to health and wellness..."

-Chris Reale

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What most friends and colleagues probably don't know about Chris Reale, is that 4 years ago, while working as a lawyer and on the path of a typical suburban father with a wife and kids and a white picket fence house, he was thrown a curve ball.  A rare cancer diagnosis.  Doctors told him it could be 1 of 10 forms of that rare cancer, and 9 of those 10 would likely prevent him from seeing his second child born.  By the grace of someone above, it turned out to be the 1 that would give Chris a second chance at life.  While recovering after his operation to remove the tumor, Chris told his wife he was going to run the Boston Marathon 8 months later. He did.  His experience has completely changed his outlook on life and has taught him to focus on the things that matter most to him: his family, his health, and doing the things he loves.


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