Episode 1:  Eileen McAuley & A Life of Selflessness 

"I want a reason to get up and help people.  That's all I want to do..."  

-Eileen McAuley

In Episode 1 of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast, I sit down with the one and only Eileen McAuley, known to me as Mom.  She was my first ever health coaching client, and is a woman who has truly dedicated her life to others.  We discuss where she came from and where she developed her "my door's always open" mentality that her friends and family know so well.  She has raised 8 kids, but that only scratches the surface of the number of lives she has impacted over the years.  She is the definition of selfless, and with her new plant-based lifestyle she's taking her life of caring for others to the next level!


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