Week 7

You are 1 week away from life-long health domination!  In this week's session, I discuss oils and the other impacts your diet has that you may not be aware of. 

TIP:  I forgot to mention in the video - when buying olive oil, do not buy Italian olive oil.  3 out of 4 of the leading brands of olive oil imported from Italy are not actually olive oil, they are a cheaper mixture of other oils (the Italian mob and other organizations do this to increase profits).  Buy olive oil from the US, like California, to ensure you're actually getting real olive oil.


Animal Abuse

WARNING:  This is a graphic video, but I believe everyone should see it.  This is just 1 video of thousands showing this very sad practice of confining, torturing, and slaughtering beautiful creatures.

I adopted a plant-based diet for health reasons, as you all in this program have also done.  But I now see the bigger picture and I am not only vegan for my own health, I am vegan for the animals too.