Week 3

2 Weeks down!  Keep it up and trust in the program.  You got this!  In the Week 3 session I'm going to discuss many of the harmful effects of dairy, how it's affecting you and your children, we'll talk about all the dairy replacements available, and you'll learn some new techniques to control stress.


4's Breathing & Nostril Breathing Techniques


Dairy Replacements

Milk:  Almond, Soy, Rice milks
Pat's Choice:  Califia Farms Vanilla almond milk.

Eggs:  Follow Your Heart vegan eggs or chia egg
Pat's Choice:  I make a chia egg when needed for certain recipes.  Here's how to make it (along with other foods you can use as an egg replacement in recipes):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wZhVof7TiE

Butter:  Earth Balance butter

Yogurt:  So Delicious coconut yogurt

Cheese:  Follow Your Heart cheeses
Pat's Choice:  Definitely Follow Your Heart.  I don't like Daiya brand.

Ice Cream:  So Delicious or Ben & Jerry's non-dairy ice creams.

Mayo:  Follow Your Heart veganaise.