Eat Green Make Green

How Adopting a Vegan Diet Took My Life & Career to the Next Level

In the summer of 2015, broke and defeated after two years of failing at my first startup, I moved out of my Boston apartment and back home to Mom & Dad's.  With the pressure of rent and food no longer plaguing me, I had time to reflect on the previous years from both a business and personal standpoint.  Where did I go wrong?  What could I have done better? 

I decided to start reading and experimenting more with diet and exercise, maximizing productivity, improving my relationships, and bettering myself as a whole.  I soon found out that one of those (diet!) drastically impacted all the others.

Through trial and error, I learned that eating whole plant foods and avoiding meat, dairy, and processed foods had me feeling invincible.  As I gradually made a transition to becoming vegan, my life started to change.

Eat Green Make Green details entrepreneur Pat McAuley’s life-changing experience with food and why he credits plants for his success.  Pat explores the many benefits he experienced by adopting a vegan lifestyle and why you should too!