The Best Part of Being Plant-Based? I Don't Have To Workout Like A Maniac Anymore

There are so many incredible benefits I've realized from eating a whole food plant-based diet, from having more energy, to curing myself of allergies, and so much more.  But, one of the greatest side affects, is that I no longer have to exercise like a maniac to maintain the way I want to look.  In fact, I really don't have to try very hard at all!

Simply put, I used to be a crazy person.  I'd lift weights five days a week, I'd run three to four times a week, and do yoga, cycling, or a fitness class a few times each week.  I was spending countless hours in gyms, and I still didn't look or feel the way I wanted to!  It was a constant battle to maintain my desired weight and appearance.

After transitioning to a whole food plant-based diet, I now find that staying in great shape is actually very easy.  When all I eat is vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, grains, and seeds, it's almost impossible to gain weight. Furthermore, I literally can't put on fat, and staying lean comes naturally.

Do I still exercise daily?  Of course.  But, I'm not a crazed workout lunatic anymore and I no longer dread exercising.  A lot of days, I simply go for an hour walk or do some enjoyable yoga.  I don't freak out anymore if I don't get an hour of high intensity weight training in.  I now look forward to my walks, runs, lifting sessions, etc. because I know I don't have to kill myself.  I know that as long as I move, in some fashion, for a little while each day that I'm not going to lose my muscle, gain fat, or put on any weight.

When I was consuming meat and dairy throughout the day, not only did I not have the energy and drive to exercise, but I also had to work ten times as hard.  Having been a trainer in the past, I know this is the case for most people.  You have to work out crazy amounts to lose a pound or two, if you're lucky.

What if I told you that, in order to lose weight and keep it off (along with curing your body of all kinds of other issues), all you have to do is eat whole plant foods and avoid meat and dairy and go for a walk each day?  No crazy exercise classes, no calorie restricting diets, and no pills or supplements.  Simply eating plants and walking (or moving in some other way) each day!  Well, that's exactly what I'm telling you.

Let's stop over complicating our health and we'll being!  We can all be lean, healthy and thriving just by following those 2 simple rules:  eat whole plant foods and walk/move every day.  End of story.

Go give it a try!